Smash It up

new album is out now!!! Songs inspired by some amazing video game characters

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Inspired by the one and only YOSHI from Super Mario Bros.  This track was a ton of fun to make and quite different from the other songs we have released to date.  We actually consider this more of kids track then anything and will only always be a single.  Sung by Pete Mitchell from No More Kings, this fun and whimsical will hopefully put a smile on your face. YOSHI !!

We all know what it is like to play the Donkey Kong video games.  It is pure bliss.  The saying It’s On Like Donkey Kong has been a thing for years and now it’s finally a song!  Written by Adam DeGraide, Dameon Aranda and James Conner, this powerhouse track will certainly bring you to the place where “It’s On Like Donkey Kong”.






It's On Like Donkey Kong - MUSIC VIDEO / INSPIRED BY Donkey Kong


A.D.A.M. stands for (Artists Developing Astonishing Music).  Founded by Adam DeGraide with the idea that collaboration is the one of the best ways to make music, A.D.A.M. was born. The project features many fantastic artists from various bands. The songs are inspired by video game characters from games both new and old. On the first 3 releases including the full length LP we focus exclusively on characters from the blockbuster Apex Legends. Using the characters from Adam’s favorite video game for inspiration would allow a ton of creativity that could inspire everything from the sound, melody and overall feel of the album. Wanting to make a pure ROCK album was the goal and the characters became the perfect subject matter in his opinion.  As Adam DeGraide says “this is the ultimate fan art project”. This album features over 25 different contributors from all walks of life.  The ages of the artists range from 19 to 51.  Variety is the spice of life and the A.D.A.M. MUSIC PROJECT delivers on that promise.  The project has also recently recording 12 new songs to be released throughout 2023 with songs about Bowser, Princess Peach, Jill Valentine (Resident Evil), Cloud (Final Fantasy 7), Joel (Last of Us) and so much more. We hope everyone enjoys what we are trying to do here.  Please be sure to “follow” us and subscribe on Spotify, Apple, YouTube, TikTok and others.  THANK YOU!



Adam DeGraide is the founder and creator of the A.D.A.M. Music Project. He is an avid gamer and a long time musician. His goal was to create the "Ultimate Fan Art" project and create hard rock songs about everyone's favorite video game characters! Rock On!

Dameon & Gabe Aranda

The bottom line with Aranda is these boys can SING, WRITE and PLAY like no other artists. We were completely blessed to have them work on this project and their vocal talents, musical talents and writing talents are all over this project!

Joel Driskell

This powerhouse vocalist from Indianapolis graces the new Smash It Up Album with 2 songs.  "She's The Key" (About Joel) from the Last of us and "Help Me" about Cloud from Final Fantasy 7.  Joel is sure to be a staple addition to the ADAM MUSIC PROJECT and we are so excited to have his talent on the project! Let's Go!~

Lacy Saunders

We knew we needed a powerhouse female vocalist to deliver the energy on the tracks based on female characters and thank GOD we found Lacy. She was simply brilliant and we were so grateful to get her amazing vocal talent on "Into The Void", "fLy" and "You Will Be Bound" which is inspired by the characters "Wraith", "Valkyrie" and "Ash".


Hartleigh Buwick

Hartleigh Buwick is a professional actress and singer and brought the energy and heat to the track “Wrecking Ball” on Apex Rising PT2.  We were so grateful to have her voice on this project and look forward to other songs in the future that she will be featured on.

Macie Cantrell

When it came to singing the song Me & N.E.W.T ,inspired by the character Horizon in Apex Legends, we really needed a very versatile singer and Macie Cantrell delivered!  We were honored to have her be a part of Apex Rising PT2 and look forward to her sining on other tracks in the future!

Neil DeGraide (Dirt Poor Robins)

Adam was completely blown away that his brother Neil DeGraide from DPR agreed to grace the project on many tracks with his amazing guitar work.  Neil is a world class musician/producer/film maker and made an terrific addition to the line up of these astonishing artists. 

Tyler Anderson

Tyler is a fantastic musician, song writer and engineer.  Tyler is also a big Apex Legends fan and has helped Adam DeGraide with this project…Big Time.  Guitar Engineer, B3 Organ, Piano Engineer, Mix Engineer on Pathfinders Lonely Mountain Top Reprise and guitar solo on “Beautiful”.

James Conner

Engineer, Organ, Vocoder, Mixer, Co-writer and fellow Apex Legends Fan.  James enhances this entire project with his brilliant talent and skills running VEUX Studios out of Oklahoma. Most of this project was recorded in his studio and for that we are very grateful.  If your looking for a world class engineer and great environment check out VEUX Studios.

David LaChance Jr.

David is a fantastic Artist and Composer in his own right.  David is a fellow gamer and we are so excited to add his talents on this project.  David arranged the strings on Pathfinder’s Lonely Mountain Top Reprise, “Beautiful – Alternate Version and also arranged all of the strings on Adam DeGraide’s solo project “The Calm”  and “Reflection” that has also recently been released.

Adam Aguilar

Adam Aguilar is a fantastic artist and musician in his own right.  Adam is the voice on the new track “Motherlode”, inspired by Fuse from Apex Legends.  He nailed Fuse’s spirit and energy in this active rock track.  We look forward to him contributing again in the future.

Eric Gillette

Eric is simply a MONSTER Guitar player and musician.  His skill and creativity on the guitar is second to none.  We were so glad to have him join us on the track “I BRING DEATH” on Apex Rising PT2.  He simply shreds and we are blown away by the performance.

Myra Beasley

Myra Beasley was simply amazing on the song “Smoke You Out”, inspired by Bangalore from Apex Legends.  You will be able to hear her genius when the full Deluxe album Apex Risen is released in late April or early May 2023.  You will be blown away!

Zachary Siddiqui

Nobody can scream like my man Zachary Siddiqui.  He did many of the gang vocals on Apex Rising PT2 and Apex Risen.  He also is also the drummer on the music videos for Octane, I Bring Death and Soon to be released track FLY. Thanks Zachary!

Jeff Hall

Jeff Hall is the drummer that graces this project.  I’m sure you will all agree that he nailed it!  If you need a drummer to knock your project out of the park than Jeff is your guy!  Plus his recording studio setup is one of a kind.


YZMN is a powerhouse new artist that graced the song “News To You” about Wattson from Apex Legends.  We are confident we will be hearing her music for many years to come!

Pete Mitchell

Pete Mitchell has been making art and music since he could crawl.  His amazing voice and creative talent is an inspiration to everyone at the ADAM MUSIC PROJECT.  We were honored to have him be a part of this movement of melding video games and rock and roll together.  THANKS PETE! WE LOVE YOU!


We were so excited that Chris Jackson agreed to be on this project. Chris is a fellow Apex Legends fan and added his magic to the track “Breathe It In” which was inspired by the character called “Caustic”. His voice is amazing and we were so grateful to get him on the first EP “Apex Rising Pt1”!


These woman were truly amazing and we are blown away by their performance on this EP during Me, Myself & I. I think it’s safe to say that we are the very first band to ever have a choir sing…”you’ve been Bamboozled!” LOL

Jay Gleason

Jay Gleason is a seasoned guitarist with a passion for music that has spanned 25 years. He began playing guitar at the age of 10, and has since dedicated himself to mastering the art of the guitar. By age 17, he was gigging around OKC regularly and instructing guitar. Jay has since shared the stage with grammy award winning artist Kitt Wakeley, played guitar for numerous musicals at the Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, and continues to hone his craft in projects spanning many genres.